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    Inspire creativity with this selection of high quality, natural art & craft materials often used in a Steiner/ Waldorf classroom and loved by students and artists alike.
    51 products
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    Wooden Watercolour Paint Jar Holder (holds 3 Paint Jars)
    Watercolour Paint Jars
    Swedish Painting Paper, 140gsm
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    Transparent Window Scenes Through the Year by Michaela Kronshage and Sylvia Schwartz
    Sew Soft Toys Using Natural Fibres by Karin Neuschutz
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    All Year Round - A Calendar of Celebrations
    Creative Wool - Making Woollen Crafts with Children by Karin Neuschutz
    Earthwise - Environmental Crafts and Activities With Young Children by Carol Petrash
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    Making Needle Felted Animals by Steffi Stern & Sophie Buckley
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    Painting with Children - Colour and Child Development by Brunhild Müller
    The Gnome Craft Book by Thomas and Petra Berger
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