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back brush

back brush


Fair Trade. Non-Toxic. Sustainable.

Feel good - give your back an exfoliating treat with this natural, sustainable brush! Easy to use, these thick, luscious bristles remove dead skin cells. open pores and stimulate removal of toxins from your body.

This brush is environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and entirely handmade, under a fair trade scheme, utilizing natural materials and waste products.

Handmade using naturally unbleached and sustainable materials, such as Alistonia timber and natural sisal or waste products, such as the coco fibre, from the husk of the coconut and rubber wood, a waste product from rubber production and galvanised wire (it won't rust).

This brush is well designed and manufactured using fair trade principles to provide a true eco alternative. 

Brushes are biodegradable so at the end of their life they can be added to the compost bin where they will break down naturally leaving only the galvanized wire.

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