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Invite some magic into your play space with this enchanting selection of toys sure to inspire hours of open-ended play! Specially selected for their natural materials and sustainability, many have been lovingly handmade by local artisans and crafters or by women’s fair-trade cooperatives. Beautiful, well-made toys that will be treasured for years to come!
52 products
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Grapat Mandala Rainbow Eggs, Box set of 36 Wooden Eggs
Papoose Toys Bright Rainbow Puzzle - 16 piece
Tambourine (Large)
Tambourine (Small)
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Small Wood and Steel Xylophone
Wooden Spinning Tops
Handmade Wooden Dice
Handmade Wooden Boat
Wooden Sailing Boat
Wooden Pram Chain
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Debresk Small Sports Car
Debresk Tip Truck - Small
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Debresk Tow Truck - Large
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Debresk Big Tractor with Cart - Large
Debresk Tow Truck with Mini Car - Small
Debresk Tractor with Cart - Small
Debresk Tip Truck - Large
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Debresk Big Wooden Bus
Handmade Wooden Mountain Set
Debresk Doll's House Furniture - Table
Rainbow Ribbon Wand
Branch Furniture (set of two chairs and a table)
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Woodland Furniture Set (includes table and two chairs)
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Gumnut Car (Double)
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Handmade Gumnut Car (Single)
Green Tree
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Wooden Fence Railing
Handmade Wooden Farm Animals
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Wooden Plate, Bowl, Spoon Play Set
Teak Wooden Cup
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Magic Wood Eco Blocks (without Bark), 36 pieces
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Grimm’s Building Set 1001 Nights
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Grimm’s Building Set Basic, 40 x 40
Grimm’s Building Set Four Elements - Large
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Grimm’s Building Set Four Elements - Small
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Grimm's Building Set Weather
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Grimm's Small Wood Stacking Bowls, Red
Grimm’s Stacking Water - Small
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Grimm's Stacking Cave (Earth) - Small
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Grimm’s Stacking Fire - Small
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