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Sustainable, eco-friendly and natural products for your kitchen and home.
19 products
Oasis Insulated Food Flask, 450ml
Lunchbox, Sustain-a-Bento TRIO
Tuck-a-Stacker Trio Lunchbox
Round Double-Bento Stainless Steel Lunchbox
Lunchbox, Green Essentials - Stainless Steel Sandwich Box
Lunchbox, U-Konserve Rectangular with Removable Divider
Lunchbox, U-Konserve Square with Removable Dividers
Green Essentials - Sili-Steel Pots Nesting set of 3
Green Essentials - Tiny Tin Stainless Steel Container, 150ml
U Konserve Square Container with Silicone Lid
U Konserve Round Container with Silicone Lid (Medium)
U Konserve Round Container (Medium)
Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set
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Spork Utensil, Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery in Silicone Pouch
Spaza Dish and Bowl Cover (Set of 4) Protea Design
Spaza Dish and Casserole Cover Rectangle, Protea Design
Spaza Mini Dish Covers (Set of 3)
Spaza Food Wrap (Set of 3)
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