Blackboard Chalk

Blackboard Chalk
Blackboard Chalk

Blackboard Chalk

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The strong colour pigments in this box of 12 blackboard chalks allow for luscious applications. The colours have a high coverage and are still easily blended on the board. The square-shaped chalk has a removable paper wrapper to stop the colour from getting onto the fingers. The colours follow the Stockmar colour range.

Colours in 12 Set: 01 Carmine Red; 02 Vermillion; 03 Orange; 04 Golden Yellow; 05 Lemon Yellow; 06 Pale Green; 07 Dark Green; 10 Dark Blue; 12 Red Violet; 13 Red Brown; 19 Cobalt Blue; 24 Light Pink
  • Sustainable
  • Non-toxic
  • Vibrant, harmonious colours
  • Lightweight chalk

"These are my favourite chalks to use! They're so bright and colourful - they make my chalkboard look amazing!" - Caitie, Rosebery

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