Books We Love!

by Taryn Miller

The Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum and Marjan van Zeyl


This is a beautiful story about an old lady who wants to bake an apple cake. She has everything she needs except apples. So she sets off to market to buy some apples, taking a basket of plums to trade along the way, just in case...

The Apple Cake is also a story about sharing, trading and caring. Children will love guessing what the old lady will acquire next, and how, and seeing how her journey brings her full circle as her kindness is repaid.

We love the invitation at the end to make your own apple cake with the inclusion of a lovely apple cake recipe.

This book is a wonderful addition to your Autumn Harvest celebrations.

Format: Hardback
Recommended reading age: 4+


Pippa and Pelle in the Autumn Wind by Daniela Drescher



Autumn has arrived! Pippa and Pelle can't wait to play with their colourful kites.

A vibrant story about embracing and enjoying the Autumn weather and all that the season brings.

Daniela Drescher's whimsical illustration style will capture any child's imagination. This magical autumnal board book is full of seasonal details and is the perfect size for little hands.

Format: Board book
Recommended reading age: 1+


Wilam a Birrarung Story by Aunty Joy Murphy and Andrew Kelly and Lisa Kennedy


This is the story of one day in the life of the vital, flourishing Birrarung (Yarra River).

As ngua (sun) rises, Bunjil (wedge-tailed eagle) soars over mountain ash, flying higher and higher as the wind warms. Below, Birrarung begins its long winding path down to palem warreen (salt water bay). Wilam (home). 
Yarra Riverkeeper Andrew Kelly joins award-winning picture book duo Aunty Joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy to tell the Indigenous and geographical story of Melbourne’s beautiful Yarra River, from its source to its mouth; from its pre-history to the present day.
An ode to Australian rivers, the flora and fauna that live on them, and the function they perform as a part of modern-day life.
The gorgeously rich illustrations of Wilam brings Aboriginal culture and language to life in this beautiful book that includes a glossary of Woiwurrung words.
Format: Hardback
Recommended reading age: 6+


One Handed Cooks - How to raise a healthy, happy eater from baby to school age


More than just a recipe book. One Handed Cooks bestows plenty of practical advice to help you successfully navigate your child's journey with solid foods. Learn how to avoid the trap of fussy eating, and ways to manage the common challenges that parents face. Above all, learn how to set your child up with a positive relationship with food and healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

We love (and have made many of) these simple, nutritious and tasty recipes for the whole family, written by an accredited Dietician as part of the team of Sydney Mum’s who are behind this collection of books.

Many recipes give you suggestions for how a meal can be adapted for baby, toddler or adults so that the whole family can enjoy the same meal!


A Little Bush Fairy by Maggie May Gordon and illustrated by Eric Kuiper

A Little Bush Fairy cover image 

 A Little Bush Fairy internal spread  A Little Bush Fairy illustration

A little bush fairy on the Christmas tree
Though not like fairies you usually see,
For she wears not a gauzy, gossamer gown
But gumnut blossoms drifting down!

A Little Bush Fairy is the story of how one little fairy came to be more special than any other.

Of course, she had, like all fairies do: wings, gown, slippers, wand and crown, but this little bush fairy became like no other thanks to a Christmas Spirit and nature’s gifts.

She is special, too, because she can only be found in one place in the world: a land ‘down under’.

And as a little bush fairy, she also changed the lives of five bush creatures with their most unusual, but happiest ever, Christmas!

A delightful Australian Christmas story perfect for children aged 3 years and up.

Recommended reading age: 3+


The Christmas Craft Book by Thomas Berger


Australia's Best 100 Walks by Australian Geographic

Australia's Best 100 Walks cover image 

Australia's Best 100 Walks map  Australia's Best 100 Walks photography  

With international travel still looking uncertain, it's never been a better time to explore what's on our doorstep! Everyone we know will be getting this book for Christmas!

There are so many incredible walks in Australia but how do you know which are the best ones? The expertise of the Australian Geographic team of editors, writers and photographers have researched all the walks in Australia and whittled it down to the best 100!

You'll find clear and detailed descriptions of each walk with practical information such as how long, how far, how strenuous and information to explore each walk's cultural and geographical splendour and lots of stunning photography to get you inspired. 

The Australian Geographic guide to Australia’s Best 100 Walks will have you itching to lace up your boots with this showcase of the sheer beauty and diversity of our landscapes and wildlife. 

The ideal gift for nature-lovers, hikers, tourists and travellers. 


Little Spiral by Pat Simmons and illustrated by Patrick Shirvington


“Something special happens where nature’s treasures dwell. A hatchling baby forest snail. A perfect spiral shell…”

This delightful picture book, is just perfect for pre-school and kindergarten children. Written by Pat Simmons and beautifully illustrated by Patrick Shirvington, Little Snail takes you on a journey through the Australian rainforest through the eyes of Little Spiral, a baby forest snail. Some of the creatures he meets along the way are a rustling rat, a scritch-scratching brush turkey and a lingering lizard. He may be small but he is “steadily growing, exploring the rainforest. Slowly. Secretly.”

An enchanting story full of wonder that reminds us of the beauty even in natures littlest creatures.

Recommended reading age: 3+


Kingdom of Beautiful Colours by Isabel Wyatt

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of beautiful colours. In the middle of it stood a cloud mountain, and from the top of the cloud mountain you looked down on a wonderful rainbow, shining green and blue and yellow…

One of our favourite books for older readers is Kingdom of Beautiful Colours, an enchanting collection of seven stories by the author of many wonderful books for children, Isabel Wyatt. The imaginative stories are full of ivory towers, great forests, golden lands and brave princes and will delight children.

Isabel Wyatt (1901-1992) was born in England and spent many years teaching young children. She wrote many books for children, including The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book, The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book, Magical Wonder Tales, Norse Hero Tales, The Legends of King Arthur, Legends of the Norse King, and Hay For My Ox.

Recommended reading age: 9+


Rocks, Minerals and Gems by John Farndon


This is one of our favourite Children's Non-Fiction books and absolutely perfect for your budding crystal and gemstone enthusiast!

The definitive guide to rocks, minerals and gems, this book includes an introduction to rocks and minerals and how they form, and a quick guide to what you need and where to look. There is also a complete guide to identifying rocks and minerals and everything you need to know to start building a collection.

Packed with fun facts and practical activities, this book also features colour photos and infographics that show the qualities of each rock and mineral in extraordinary detail.

• The ultimate guide to help you identify hundreds of rocks, minerals and gems 

• Fascinating facts provide extra information on how rocks form and where to find them 

• Data boxes provide short facts to help you quickly identify the properties of each rock.

"I really like the detailed pictures and information on all the different types of crystals and rocks so that I’m able to identify the crystals that I have in my collection, to the ones in the book! I really like the cool, sparkly cover too!"
Leon, 10-year-old Gemstone Enthusiast