Seasonal Craft Ideas

by Taryn Miller

Spring Craft Idea


Gumnut & Flower Gnomes are a simple craft idea that are easy to make and look gorgeous decorating your Spring Nature Table. All you need are locally collected gumnuts and flowers, modelling beeswax in spring colours and imagination!

 Modelling Beeswax Rainbow  


Christmas Craft Idea

Christmas Candle  Beeswax Foundation Sheets

Handrolling Beeswax Candle  Spiral Candle

Make your own hand-rolled beeswax candles to give as beautiful handmade gifts or to decorate your Christmas table. For these spiral candles we have used the Beeswax Foundation Sheets, cut on a diagonal, rolled into shape and then added thin strips of Metallic Decorating Wax Sheets to accentuate the spiral design, but the decorating possibilities are endless! Making your own candles is a wonderful, simple and fun seasonal craft activity to do with the kids.


Autumn / Easter Craft Idea


making wet-felted eggs  wrapping pebble in fleece

making wet-felted eggs

How to wet-felt eggs;
Wet-felting is a beautiful tactile craft activity that even little hands can enjoy. These wet-felted pebble (Easter) eggs are lovely to decorate your Easter Nature Table or perhaps even hidden in your garden as an alternative to chocolate eggs for the Easter treasure hunt. The only materials you need to make your own wet-felted pebble eggs are;
Coloured wool fleece
• Egg shaped pebbles
• A bowl with hot water
• A bowl with cold water
• Liquid dish soap

Wrap pieces of wool fleece tightly around the pebble in one direction, then wrap another layer of fleece in the opposite direction. Add 3-4 layers of fleece until you have a thick layer covering the pebble.
Dip the fleece covered pebble into the hot water, then add a few drops of the liquid soap to the egg. Very gently pat and roll the egg in your hands as it starts to felt. When the fleece begins to felt and get tighter, dip into the cold water (the cold water helps to shrink the wool fleece).
Keep adding more soap and rubbing and pressing the egg and continue the process of dipping into the hot water then cold until the egg feels solid and all the wool fleece has firmly felted together.
Rinse, squeeze out excess water then leave to dry on a towel overnight.