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    By buying Fair Trade products you are supporting the Fair Trade organisations that actively engage with producers, raise awareness and campaign for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.  Fair Trade is a partnership based on communication transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by creating opportunities, offering better trading conditions and payment to, promoting the work of, and securing the rights and safety of, marginalised producers, workers and children. 

    24 products
    Coconut Palm Broom
    Coconut Palm Mini Broom
    Felt Angel - Christmas Decoration
    Felt Ball - Christmas Decoration
    Felt Banana
    Sold Out
    Felt Horse
    Felt Pumpkin
    Felt Star - Decoration
    Felt Strawberry
    Long Wooden Salad Servers
    Mini Felt Carrot
    Natural Hair Brush
    Natural Nail Brush
    Rainbow Ball (Extra Large)
    Rainbow Ball (Medium)
    Rainbow Gnomes
    Rainbow Unicorn
    Short Wooden Salad Servers
    Sold Out
    Teak Heart Spoon
    Teak Moon Spoon
    Toadstool, Wool Felt
    from $8.95
    Wooden Knitting Needles, 8mm (set of 2)
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