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    Preserving our health is one important reason to seek non-toxic alternatives for our bodies and homes. There is also a powerful feeling of connection when our senses are engaged by naturally safe fragrances like beeswax, timbers and essential plant oils. By sourcing our products from plants, we reduce our dependence on the petrochemical industry and better prepare for a cleaner, healthier future.
    90 products
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    Anti-Dust Chalk
    Assorted Crystals
    Ball, Wool Felt (5cm)
    Bamboo Knitting Needles 6mm
    Beeswax Foundation Sheets (to make hand-rolled candles)
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    Card & Envelope - Dotty
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    Card & Envelope - Gum Blossom
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    Card & Envelope - Little Beach
    Card & Envelope - Petals (Red, Yellow, Green)
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    Card & Envelope - Poppies
    Card & Envelope - Sea Anenome
    Cheeki Insulated Food Jar, 480ml
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    Coconut Coir Dish Scrubber
    DAS Modelling Clay 1kg
    DAS Modelling Clay 500g
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    Debresk Big Tractor with Cart - Large
    Debresk Tip Truck - Small
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    Debresk Tow Truck - Large
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    Debresk Tractor with Cart - Small
    Drink Bottle, Ecococoon Insulated 350ml
    Drink Bottle, Ecococoon Insulated 500ml
    Felt Strawberry
    Greenfield Wooden Fountain Pen
    Grimm’s Building Set Basic, 40 x 40
    Hand Dyed Wool Felt
    Handmade Floppy Doll (pink hat)
    Handmade Floppy Doll (striped hat)
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    Handmade Gumnut Car (Single)
    Handmade Knitted Baby Doll
    Handmade Wooden Bulldozer
    Handmade Wooden Farm Animals
    Handmade Wooden Mountain Set
    Hanging Autumn Leaf Gnome
    Happy Flame Floating Lotus Candle
    Kids Rainbow Craft Pack
    Kite Paper - Rainbow Colours, 100 Sheets, 16x16cm, 40gsm
    Lockdown Love Package
    Lunchbox, Snack-a-Bento TRIO
    Lunchbox, Sustain-a-Bento TRIO
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