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    Sustainable products do not exhaust our natural resources. Sustainable materials are quickly renewed or easily recycled, either back into the earth or into useful products. Traditional materials such as timber, bamboo, organic cotton, hemp and earth are usually considered sustainable except when gathered from sensitive environments. New materials, such as plastics and metals could be described as sustainable when effectively recycled. Well designed products from traditional, durable materials are long lasting and low maintenance. 

    66 products
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    Anti-Dust Chalk
    Assorted Crystals
    Ball, Wool Felt (5cm)
    Bamboo Knitting Needles 6mm
    Branch Furniture (set of two chairs and a table)
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    Card & Envelope - Dotty
    Card & Envelope - Gum Blossom
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    Card & Envelope - Little Beach
    Card & Envelope - Petals (Red, Yellow, Green)
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    Card & Envelope - Poppies
    Card & Envelope - Sea Anenome
    Cheeki Insulated Food Jar, 480ml
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    Coconut Coir Dish Scrubber
    Coloured Pencil, Triangular - Stockmar
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    Debresk Big Tractor with Cart - Large
    Debresk Tip Truck - Small
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    Debresk Tow Truck - Large
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    Debresk Tractor with Cart - Small
    Drink Bottle, Ecococoon Insulated 350ml
    Drink Bottle, Ecococoon Insulated 500ml
    Felt Horse
    Felt Strawberry
    Gift of Seeds
    Gumnut Car (Double)
    Hand Dyed Wool Felt
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    Handmade Gumnut Car (Single)
    Handmade Wooden Boat
    Handmade Wooden Farm Animals
    Handmade Wooden Mountain Set
    Kids Rainbow Craft Pack
    Lockdown Love Package
    Lunchbox, Snack-a-Bento TRIO
    Lunchbox, Sustain-a-Bento TRIO
    Lunchbox, U-Konserve Rectangular with Removable Divider
    Lunchbox, U-Konserve Square with Removable Dividers
    Mini Broom
    Mini Felt Carrot
    Modelling Beeswax - Stockmar
    Natural Dish Brush
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