Steiner School Main Lesson Book Medium

Steiner School Main Lesson Book Medium
Steiner School Main Lesson Book Medium

Steiner School Main Lesson Book Medium

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  • 24cm x 32cm
  • 32 pages

A high quality medium sized lesson book suitable for all classroom work. An ideal book for classroom lessons, and as a project or drawing book. 

Premium quality drawing cartridge makes it suitable for all mediums, including crayons, coloured pencils, graphite, charcoal, or ink. Being of a high quality, both sides of the paper can be drawn and written on.

This is a classic main lesson book, often introduced in the middle primary years, from class 2-3, and then used all the way through to the end of primary school, and for main lessons or projects in the high school.

What is behind the size of this book?

Neither a conventional A4, or the large format book preferred in the early years, the size of this book is 20% larger than an A4 book, and follows the proportions and ratio of the Golden Mean. 

Our Medium Lesson book is the ideal sized book for lessons when the child is finding their way with learning, to help develop a harmony and balanced approach to lessons, and to help train the brain in a relaxed natural mode of thinking.

Made in Australia.

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