ValleyMaker Gum Leaf Weaver

ValleyMaker Gum Leaf Weaver
ValleyMaker Gum Leaf Weaver

ValleyMaker Gum Leaf Weaver

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Proudly hand-crafted in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, ValleyMaker kits feature fibres which are hand-dyed with seeds, leaves, flowers, bark and roots of plants predominantly grown or gathered locally.

The Gum Leaf Weaver is a fantastic project for those new to crafting, for younger children or for anyone needing a little mindful making. It includes everything you will need to complete one woven/stitched gum leaf.

Each kit includes:

*A locally made timber leaf measuring 24cm in lengh and approx 6cm wide.

*9 metres of botanically dyed lengths of yarn.

*a tapestry needle


**Please note that some colours may differ slightly from the pictured ones as they have come from a different dye bath.

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