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Eco Friendly Toys

Invite some magic into your play space with this enchanting selection of toys sure to inspire hours of open-ended play! 

Step into a world of wonder with Grassroots Eco Store’s magical selection of eco-friendly toys, designed to imbue your play area with beauty and endless possibilities for imaginative play. Our thoughtfully curated collection showcases a range of Steiner inspired toys that are eco-friendly, each carefully chosen for their commitment to natural materials, sustainability and creativity. 

Many of these treasures have been lovingly crafted by local artisans and skilled crafters or handmade by women's fair-trade cooperatives from 100% natural materials, bringing an authentic touch to every piece. 

Shopping with a conscience is easy at Grassroots Eco Store as we take pride in making sure that each eco-friendly toy from our collection shares at least two of our eco values: Australian made, fair trade, non-toxic, organic, recycled and sustainable. This criteria not only helps us stay on track when we are handpicking our selection of toys but ensures that you and your family can enjoy the best ethical, local, natural and fairly made toys available.

Plus, when you shop our eco-friendly toys in Australia, you can enjoy free local delivery for orders over $140. 

Nurture the magic of playtime with these Steiner inspired, hand-crafted wooden and wool felt toys that will undoubtedly become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.


19 products
Felt Rainbow Pegasus Toy
Rainbow Pegasus
Handmade Wooden Boat
Rainbow Felt Ball (Extra Large)
Rainbow Felt Ball, size medium
Rainbow Felt Ball (Medium)
Ball, Wool Felt (Large 8cm)
Ball, Wool Felt (5cm)
Papoose Stacking Rainbow Pebbles
Papoose Stacking Rainbow Pebbles, 7 pieces
Wooden Pram Chain
Sold Out
Hand-knitted Baby Doll, front
Hand-knitted Baby Doll, back
Handmade Knitted Baby Doll
Sold Out
Handmade Floppy Doll
Sold Out
Handmade Floppy Doll, front
Handmade Floppy Doll, front
Handmade Floppy Doll
Sold Out
Handmade Dressed Doll, front
Handmade Dressed Doll, back
Handmade Dressed Doll
Handmade Wooden Farm Animals
Felt Australian Animals
Sold Out
Magic Wood Eco Blocks (without Bark), 36 pieces
Sold Out
Grimm's Blocks Natural Waldorf, 15 pieces
Sold Out
Grimm's Building Set Weather
Sold Out
Grimm's Small Wood Stacking Bowls, Red
Sold Out
Grimm’s Rainbow - Medium

Shop Eco-Friendly Toys in Australia With Grassroots Eco Store

Explore our conscious collection of eco-friendly toys at Grassroots Eco Store that not only nurture your child’s natural creativity but are carefully selected to also be kind to the earth.

Choose Grassroots Eco Store for sustainable, eco-friendly toys in Australia that will nurture your child's imagination and be treasured for many years to come. For more eco-friendly products, browse through our online shop today! 

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